Process of Autism Diagnostics

Cornerstone Autism Diagnostics' assessment process encompasses testing, evaluation, diagnosis and feedback.

In order to understand your child within the context of your family and day-to-day environments, assessments begin with our team's detailed review of your child's development.

Your child then visits our facilities for a half-day session of multidisciplinary, autism-specific diagnostics to evaluate physical function, behavioral patterns and speech / language performance. These standardized assessments are tailored to your child's age and functioning level. They may include the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) — considered the gold standard of autism diagnostics processes — and the Autism Diagnostic Interview, which can distinguish autism from other developmental disorders and assess cognitive and adaptive functioning.

After an independent clinical psychologist reviews our team's findings, we provide a comprehensive written report on our findings and consultation during which you'll have an opportunity to ask questions.

Personalized recommendations for your child will be provided. These range from utilizing community resources to options for pursuing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy — the only autism therapy recommended by the United States Surgeon General, which is available at Cornerstone Autism Center.

Cornerstone Autism Diagnostics gives you the tools to help you and your child maximize your possibilities.